whatsapp或者whatsapp business不愧是facebook旗下的,风控太严格了,估计是对虚拟号码google voice不太友好,注册就秒封了,不过也可能是因为手机之前注册过别的whatsapp号码.不管如何秒封了之后可以申请解封,而且基本上都会被解封.

google voice注册whatsapp或者whatsapp business被秒封解封记录


Thanks for your message.

Our system flagged your account activity as a violation of our Terms of Service and banned your phone number. We value you as a user, and apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused.

After reviewing your account activity, we’ve removed the ban so you should now have access to WhatsApp.

As a next step, we recommend re-registering your phone number on WhatsApp to ensure you have access.
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You can learn more about how to use WhatsApp responsibly in this Help Center article.

Note: We don’t provide support for unsupported apps, devices, or versions of WhatsApp, or jailbroken or rooted devices. Learn more about our supported operating systems in this article. For more information about unofficial apps and why we don’t support these apps, you can refer to this article.

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